my first design post

so, i figure i should blog about design like i do photography, since i do both intermittenly.  it’ll give me more to blog about and possibly more exposure and hopefully more business!  🙂

here are a few of my recent designs:

an invitation for my friend rebekah’s hippie baby shower (how cute is that?  she came up with the theme and they couldn’t find invitations anywhere.)  obviously, anytime i post an invitation, i’m going to blur everyone’s personal information.  the background of the card is white…i should’ve put a little black outline on it, but you get the idea. beka hood baby BLOG

next is a postcard i did for my in-laws’ counseling center.  i do them quarterly and have alot of fun working with sherry to put them together.  she has great taste and almost always already knows the wording she wants for the card, so that makes it easier.  obviously, the background of this one is white, too.  sorry.

spring 09 postcard4

also, i just did a t-shirt design for my parents’ annual camp they have for all the grandkids.  this year there will be 4 attendees and i think they’re both so excited that they just HAD to have shirts (i’m sure mom and dad will wear one too).  it’s called “camp popanan” because my dad is “poppy” and my mom is “nana”.

popanan09 b


3 Responses to “my first design post”

  1. Ok the camp tshirt design is great…but the reason for the design is beyond adorable!!!

  2. Ok, so I saw those invites to Bekah’s shower at Dawn’s house and thought, “WHO DID THESE?!” They are amazing. I LOVE YOU, and I love that you are my friend!!!!


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