SoFly Photo-a-Day: domesticization

is that even an word?

  we’ll pretend it is for the sake of my title pattern so far.BLOG

spent most of the day cleaning…bathroom, vaccuming, picking up, doing dishes, mopping the kitchen floor.  for some reason, a list written with a good pen is extra motivation for me.  like everyone else, i’m sure, i hate to clean but i love a clean house (actually i don’t think i minded it before i had kids, but now, like almost every other domestic task, it’s a race and just one more thing to add to the list).


13 Comments to “SoFly Photo-a-Day: domesticization”

  1. Could you come and do my house next? 😉

  2. ooh I used to love to clean too. What happened? Oh ya kids.

  3. My problem is it doesn’t seem to stay that way long enough to enjoy.

  4. you do such awesome work katie, i love all your pictures

  5. who doesn’t love a good list written with a great pen? 🙂

  6. sounds like a productive day

  7. I think the word is “domestication”? Either way, I’m sure it feels good to have a clean house (at least for the time being!). Just think-someday you’ll have more room, which will make it so much easier to have a clean house!

  8. i love a list with a good, fun pen 🙂

  9. This picture really makes me want to clean..yet… i am still sitting on the couch??

  10. nothing better than crossing items off a list…

  11. This reminds me of that swifer commercial where the mop is sad cause the lady uses the swifer more! Good for you for doing it old school! Ha! 🙂

  12. Haha yet another clever post for a pic a day!

  13. can you come and clean my house…I will have the list already for you…

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