SoFly Photo-of-the-Day: reflection

in case anyone doesn’t know already:  these posts are daily for the month of october as part of a contest i’m in with some photographer friends.  whoever gets the most comments gets a $50 gift card to an awesome photo supply store.  (so…leave a comment, please?!)


so i don’t know if this is breaking a POTD “rule” or something, but this picture is from last year.  specifically from october 22nd of last year.  i didn’t take any photos today, so i decided to pull one from the archives.

i like this photo, which is surprising, because it’s probably the only self-portrait i’ve ever done that i can look at without being annoyed.  i liked it last year for that reason.  i like it today because it causes me to think about all that’s happened since it was taken.  it’s crazy how in some ways a year of your life can seem like a week, and in others it can feel like 3 years.  both my girls have grown and changed SO much in a year.  layne’s personality has completely flipped from being a super high-maintenance infant to an amazingly laid-back little toddler.  i’ve made some new friends.  learned some things about myself.  some things are the same…for example, i’m wearing the same size clothes i was then, but for a totally different reason (post-partum belly vs. 4 months pregnant).

what were you up to last october???


11 Comments to “SoFly Photo-of-the-Day: reflection”

  1. I was pregnant with Rowan. I found out she was a girl the 2nd of Nov. I felt the best ever…never had any clue she would come 3 months early. I pray for your pregnancy and that you have a healthy delivery. What a blessing our children are:)

  2. I was getting ready for my 2nd little girl, Ashlyn Marie, who was due the day after Thanksgiving but did not arrive until Dec. 3rd. We thought she was going to be a little early…hahaha.

  3. I was doing the same thing as you! Dealing with a high maintenance infant…thank goodness Lexi did the same thing as Layne and is now an easy going toddler as well!

  4. specifically on oct. 20 last year, i was eating a super yummy meal at morton’s for my 1 year a-day with ryan 🙂
    definitely great picture, love it!

  5. This was taken in MO right? Good memories!

  6. I was trying to get pregnant with my little one…just took a month longer! Soccer season had started and I was busy coaching with my hubby!

    Love this pic!

  7. I was pregnant with Selah & counting down the weeks/ days until I was on materinty leave again (….and turning in my resignation letter). The count on that day was appx 10 weeks to go, not including holidays, or 48 days + one on-call duty weekend.

  8. ha ha.. I had one kid… and no idea I was going to have two by october this year! Talk about things changing in a year. Crazy how fast things go!

  9. I have no idea what I was doing? Probably studying 🙂 PTL that’s over! I love this pic of you 🙂

  10. I was recuperating from sinus surgery, celebrating my birthday, and watching Arden learn how to walk. I can’t believe she’s going to be a big sister in a little less than 3 months. God is so good! By the way, this is a great picture of you.

  11. I think this is a beautiful picture of you:)

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