SoFly Photo(s)-of-the-Day: recreation

tonight’s meet-up was so much fun.  crazy gorgeous models, amazingly pleasant weather (it’s breezy at the top of a parking garage), and a nice time of talking and eating after we shot.  here are three of my favorite shots…

2009_10_26_3439 BLOG

2009_10_26_3406 BLOG

2009_10_26_3490 BLOG

thank you so much to (hopefully i’ll get links to put with these names):

Madame Butterfly in Boynton Beach for the amazing gowns

The Delray Beach Florist (in Delray) and Anna Flowers (in Jupiter) for the beautitul bouquets

our HOT models…i felt like i was shooting for a magazine!


14 Comments to “SoFly Photo(s)-of-the-Day: recreation”

  1. or should i have said “sofly”?! 🙂

    did you win this contest already or what???

  2. beautiful pics

  3. AMAZING!! These are way professional!

  4. these are gorgeous!


  6. pretty pretty 🙂

  7. Katie, these are beautiful!!

  8. great shots…you are really blossoming in your professional shots! Way to go!

  9. you have such a great eye. beautiful pics. love the one of the bride against the window.

  10. So pretty and looks so fun!

  11. These look like they are out of a magazine! Way cool! 🙂

  12. Wow! What an opportunity! These are great for your portfolio!

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