posted some “rules” i’ve given myself for this new year over on my other blog.  thought this blog could use some goals as opposed to rules.  i’m having my 3rd baby in 3 months, and most likely moving sometime in the next 6 months, so i’ll certainly give myself some slack, but this is just a list of things i’d like to see accomplished in my business life this year…

  • get my mess of a website figured out and settled.
  • some type of income every month (this year i had 3 months where i made $0).
  • post two new items on Etsy per month. (sometimes it may be a painting, sometimes a print, sometimes a graphic design…)
  • advertise in some way, shape, or form.
  • attain some sort of new equipment and learn to use it well.
  • take more GOOD pictures of my personal life in order to practice for my professional one.
  • be confident in myself and what i produce.

3 Comments to “goals”

  1. Great goals .. I suggest also >>

    Be confident in God’s plan for your life, and what it will produce.

  2. Good goals! This made me feel very lazy…I haven’t even thought about goals!

  3. Hey, you can already scratch the first thing off your list! Yay!!!

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