katie and mike: engaged (tallahassee photographer)

katie is one of my oldest friends.  we met in 6th grade (which, back then, was still elementary school).  i have countless memories that include her (indulge me people: softball, sleepovers, annoying country radio dj’s, FSU games, pool parties, etc…).  she’s been through alot in her life and she totally deserves somebody who will love and care for her daily.  mike is that guy.  this session was the first time i’d ever met him, but i knew within the first 10 minutes that he is THAT GUY.

these first few images were shot in Doak Campbell stadium (where the NOLES play!).  the spot where katie and mike were sitting in the bleachers is where they sit at every home game. 

kt and mike, i am so happy for you guys!  i had so much fun shooting you and can’t wait to do it again at the wedding.  see you in march!


One Comment to “katie and mike: engaged (tallahassee photographer)”

  1. I love these pics. So happy for you guys. Can’t wait for the big day. Love you.

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